Posted On November 3, 2019

Originally Posted on November 3, 2019

What a week!

I’ve been in Southern California having an absolute blast sharing Bebop Boot Camp with high school jazz students. Where in Southern California you ask? Well, did you see the coverage of those scary fires near the Reagan Presidential Library this week? Maybe you saw the images of big rigs on their side having been blown over by the powerful Santa Ana winds?

Yeah, that’s where we were!

Intense, right!? I’ve never needed to confirm that a school is not on fire before heading out to teach before. Here’s the thing, even if this place wasn’t literally on fire, I’d still be able to tell you “this place is on fire!” These students and teachers are amazing. I’m so grateful for an incredible teacher (and enthusiastic Bebop Boot Camper) named Dennis Crystal.

It was him who made the whole week possible and arranged for me to work with a few of the schools in his area. Two of the groups I worked with met at 7:00 am and another one dropped their Saturday afternoon plans and showed up for a three hour master class with little notice!

With this kind of dedication, it’s not hard to understand why they sound so good and how they picked up on the Bebop Boot Camp system so quickly. It was inspiring to see such young musicians actually improvising real bop lines after just one hour!

I had so much fun listening to these kids that I decided to jot down some of the lines that they IMPROVISED within the first hour. Since the students did the entire master class without reading any sheet music, I wanted to create a pdf with a few of the great licks they created for their collections.

I thought you’d enjoy it too I wanted to share. Just click the button above to download it.

Happy shedding,

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