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What If You Could Learn To Effortlessly Improvise Authentic Bebop Lines Just One Hour A Day in Eight Weeks?

Without Practicing Scales or Memorizing Licks?

You can. Here's how...
Kenyon Carter
Bebop Boot Camp Creator
About Bebop Boot Camp
Bebop Boot Camp is the new eight week course guaranteed to help you play better solos and improvise authentic bebop lines in just one hour a day.

Using the power of deliberate practice and cutting edge brain science, Bebop Boot Camp takes you through every thing you need to know to get your "bop chops" into the best shape of your life!
Having More Fun "In The Shed"
Bebop Boot Camp saves me time and effort every day! I love how I know exactly what to work on and practice is more fun than ever since I learned to create my own exercises!” 

~ Brent Cooper, Saxophone
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