Discover Faster Progress and Joyful Practice with Our Personalized Coaching – Experience Tailored Growth Backed by Happy Students...

Jump Start Sessions

This type of session is best for musicians who...

* want a jump start to better prepare for Bebop Boot Camp
* want follow up support after completing Bebop Boot Camp
* are stuck in between Bebop Boot Camp lessons and need to get "unstuck."

Coaching sessions are typically 45-75 minutes

1 session per week for 1 month

Transformation Sessions

This type of session is best for musicians who...

* want to set up a weekly lesson routine

*want to have a deliberate practice plan in between sessions.

Coaching sessions are typically 45-75 minutes

1 session per week for 3 months
(Save $300!)

Guided Practice Sessions

This type of session is best for musicians looking to make tremendous progress in a compressed timeframe.

Kenyon will guide each practice session which includes lessons, practice and theory. With Kenyon as your daily personal trainer, you will learn by doing and make daily progress. This is great for those who want and need the daily accountability.

20 daily sessions (Save $1,000!)

Meet Gary

Gary is a busy professional and plays multiple instruments. He purchased Bebop Boot Camp to work on nailing chord changes.

He went through it once with the guitar and then again with the saxophone. But, then he got stuck.

Something wasn't clicking, so he reached out to Kenyon for a personalized assessment of where he was and detailed plan to get the breakthrough he was looking for.

"I was in a rut, I was stuck,
and I was getting ready to cut my new CD.

After a friend reminded me that the top professional athletes have entire coaching teams to help avoid this kind of burn out, I contacted Kenyon.

Kenyon Carter is my coaching team. He’s a great cheerleader, has great patience, and has the ability to diagnose anything that’s going on in my playing and point me in the right direction.

The coaching sessions are truly worthwhile. If you want to take your playing to the next level, give Kenyon a call!”

~ Gary

Meet Darvin

"I know that to be a better player and educator,
I need to continuously up my game.

Studying with Kenyon each week made concepts that had eluded me for years "click."

Not only do I have a new vocabulary but a new and deeper understanding of jazz music as a whole."

~ Darvin

Darvin is a music educator and a classically trained musician.

He has poured unfathomable hours and energy into his students over the years but just recently decided to dedicate an hour each week to his continuous learning.

A lifetime lover of jazz, but previously intimidated by improvisation, now Darvin is learning tunes, building vocabulary, and finally playing what he's heard in his head all these years.

Meet Kevin

Kevin is a busy professional - an emergency room doctor who was looking for an escape during the COVID pandemic.

He purchased Bebop Boot Camp but it didn't quite "click" for him.

So, he contacted Kenyon and started taking lessons once a week. After six months, his playing and practice goals changed so much that he decided to take lessons twice per week.

After multiple breakthroughs and falling in love with playing again, he decided to go for daily practice lessons and is thrilled with the huge strides he had been wanting to make.

"Every session with Kenyon is both challenging and rewarding.

Every day I feel more like a real musician.

This is the dream I had in 7th grade."

~ Kevin


Here's What You Get with Each Coaching Package

  • Personal coaching sessions focused on the results you want to accomplish in the time frame you allocate
  • Flexibility and understanding when the inevitable conflict comes up (i.e. grace when you have to make a change vs. charging for a "no show")
  • Customized practice plan based on your level and lifestyle
  • Weekly exercises and customized worksheets
  • Sessions conducted via Video Calls for ease of scheduling
  • Lots of 'aha' moments and noticeable progress
  • Pay with the payment option that works best for you (PayPal, Zelle, Credit Card, etc.)

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Is Coaching Right for You?

Are you a continuous learner who has successfully accomplished all of your professional goals and now want to experience a new challenge?

Maybe you haven’t picked up your instrument since middle or high school band? You know the fundamental but just aren’t making the progress you would like.

You often think, "wouldn’t it be great if there was someone who could help me learn this complex stuff in a simpler way?" If you are searching for someone to meet you where you are and help you get to the level you want to play, look no further.

I deeply care about helping musicians make noticeable progress and want to help you create momentum to achieve the goals you set. All I ask is that you have a goal in mind.

Just contact me today to determine the best course of action. I look forward to being in your corner!