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Taken directly from the popular video Bebop Boot Camp  system, this robust collection of lessons, examples and exercises lets you experience the entire Bebop Boot Camp in one, easy to access location.   
You get more than 8 weeks of powerful workouts and application lessons clearly written and complete with color coded examples, cheat sheets, more.  

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Add "The Boppin' Blues Challenge" ($22 Value) For Just $9!: Play along as Kenyon shows you EXACTLY how to put Bebop Boot Camp language to work on the blues. Includes four revolutionary 22-minute workout videos fully notated and transposed for the entire jazz band and a 42 page ebook with all exercises from the course!

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Kenyon Carter is a saxophonist, recording artist, and jazz educator who has spent more than twenty five years helping countless people become better musicians. 

Here are a few more interesting tidbits about Kenyon:

  • He's been traveling as a full-time RVer exploring the US since 2018...
  • ​ He lost over 70lbs and kept it off for nearly a decade...
  • A car crash almost ended his career back in 2003 - he says it's one of the best things that's ever happened to him...
Click the link below to read the story of that last bullet. It's a doozy!
Let's Hear from a Happy Camper...

"Just a word of thanks! 

These exercises have definitely got me un-stuck from the learning plateau where I’ve dwelt lo these past few years. Worth every penny too!

After 8 weeks of paying dues - diligent attention and daily practice – my improvisation has improved noticeably! 

I’m not consciously dialing-up the exercise licks, but now myriad note combinations are in my toolbox, like words in a vocabulary. Exploring combinations of useful note sequences in all keys in a focused manner has helped me gain better control of the horn.  

Before these lessons I felt frustrated and trapped inside linear scales and blues patterns. I’d tried other approaches but still felt lame when it was my turn to solo. 

Sure I could rip out a pentatonic scale when needed but it was all ‘inside’ stuff. Now I feel able to think a melody and play it no matter where I am on the horn! 

From any given note, I feel confident going north or south in leaps and bounds and saying something too! 

 I try playing tunes I already know in one key and find it’s a snap to transpose; I swear it wasn’t that easy 2 months ago. Best of all - what I’m playing is beginning to sound like genuine jazz.

Finally I know how to practice! You helped me find The Path again – Thanks!"

- Dave C, Saxophone
What's Inside The eBook?
  •  Orientation Lesson:  Learn the secrets that will let you finally play what you hear and six mental hacks that makes improvisation WAY easier than you ever imagined.
  • Lesson 1:  Get all the inside information and that'll let you truly improvise beautiful bebop lines from anywhere on your instrument on dominant seventh chords.
  • ​Application Lesson #1: Put your new found V7 mastery to use on a real jazz standard and experience the power of the Bebop Boot Camp system in action.
  • Lesson #2: Master the V7(b9) in all keys and unlock that sophisticated flat nine sound that you've always heard but, never quite knew how to access.
  • Application Lesson #2: Apply your beautiful new V7(b9) to a new jazz standard and learn to fluently speak this authentic language in a real world setting.
  •  Lesson #3: Add major six chord bop language and learn to apply it in countless musical situations regardless of the style, key, or tempo.
  • Application Lesson #3: Use major six bebop language in real life with three powerful new exercises that give you everything you need to play great solos on any tune. This chapter is worth $97 all by itself!
  • ​Lesson #4: Master the "prettiest" of all bebop sounds with major 7th chord language guaranteed to add even more depth and sophistication to your lines.
  • Application Lesson #4: Use  major seventh bebop language in real life on real jazz standard changes, with three unique exercises guaranteed to help you confidence soar.
  • Wrap Up: Bring the Bebop Boot Camp system's big picture into focus with a detailed overview of eight weeks of transformative practice and a powerful plan to help you create YOUR OWN bebop vocabulary in just one hour a day!


Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get
With The Bebop Boot Camp Ebook Bundle!

Bebop Boot Camp eBook 

($97 Value)

This book makes it simple for you to learn to play bebop like the pros in systematic and easy to understand program. Each week includes a lesson and a follow up week of instruction on how to apply the previous week's lesson on actual songs. Succeed in finally playing bebop by learning both the vocabulary and the  application. 

8 Supplemental eBooks

($47 Value)

Included with your Bebop Boot Camp eBook are eight additional supplemental eBooks featuring color coded exercise examples and cheat sheets to simplify your practice routine. 

Practice Support Package 

($7 Value)

Designed to hold yourself accountable with practice reminders and progress reports.  Track of your daily and weekly practice routine accomplishments with the printable practice progress report. 

ACT NOW And Get These Incredible Bonuses!


Six Backing Tracks 
($17 Value)

Make each practice session effective and fun with these 10-Minute Groove backing tracks proven to help you get the most out of each practice session. 


Concert Pitch Fake Book
($27 Value)

Featuring 12 "must-know" standards complete with color coded notations designed to let you immediately improvise authentic bop lines on the tunes you're most likely to play at your next jam session.
 Here's Everything You Get Today
  • The Bebop Boot Camp eBook ($97 Value)
  • 8 Supplemental eBooks  ($47 Value)
  • The Practice Support Package  ($7 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: Six Backing Tracks ($17 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Concert Pitch Fake Book ($27 Value)

Total Value = $207

But today, you're getting all of this...
For Just $47!

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