What If You Could Learn To Effortlessly Improvise Authentic Bebop Lines In Just One Hour A Day?
Without Running Scales or Memorizing Licks?
How are musicians around the world playing better solos and improvising real bebop lines in just one hour a day without practicing scales or memorizing licks?

Bebop Boot Camp might be just what you’ve been looking for…

"I would recommend Bebop Boot Camp to anyone. It’s a great way to work and you can be so creative with it!"

- Gary A, Guitar

"A little over a week into the program and I feel like I’ve been born again. Especially loving this listening! Thanks Kenyon!!!"

- Paul C, Trumpet

"I just started yesterday and I’m totally digging this approach. It’s like the missing link!"

- Carl M, Saxophone

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"I'm psyched Kenyon! You obviously put a great deal of thought into this - both creatively and educationally. I've been trying to figure out a way into the bebop language for a LONG time now!"

- Avi J, Guitar

"Very well organized, very focused, brief enough to be functional... this shot in the arm is just what I needed."

- Gary G,Guitar

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