Posted On February 28, 2024

It's been a while since we last touched base, as the pace of things here in Palm Springs has picked up significantly with “the season’s” arrival. Thankfully, my calendar has been filled with teaching and gigs but it’s leaving little room for much else.

But amidst the busyness, I came across a solo that caught my attention and wanted to share with you. I’m talking about Jason Fabus’ solo on “For Sentimental Reasons” from his feature gig at Sky Loft Laguna Beach with the Tom Dante Trio on Valentines day.

Why am I sharing? Because it's a perfect example of the things that resonate with me in a jazz solo: smart repetition, flawless bebop language, and a nice groove. 

And Jason is a great dude and amazing player and I want to make sure you're hip to him.

My buddy Steve summed it up nicely after I sent him the transcription to proofread: "What a nice solo! Great sense of rhythmic freedom and enough subtle harmonic language to keep it interesting."

He also pointed out the smart use of the "Rule of 3"—you know, hitting you with the same rhythm twice and then pausing, making you wait for that third hit. It's a clever way to grab your attention and keep it.

If you want to dive deeper, I've got the transcription ready for you. Just tell me where to send it, and I"ll send it right out absolutely free.

And don't forget to check out the original video on Jason's YouTube channel by CLICKING THIS LINK.

You can also visit his Spotify profile here where you can check out his entire catalogue by CLICKING HERE.

Happy shedding,

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