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Are you tired of feeling stuck? Do you struggle to find enough time to practice? Look no further than the 4:22 Boppin' Blues Challenge - the revolutionary musical workout program designed to re-ignite your practice passion in just 22 minutes a day.

Inspired by popular exercise video programs, we've created four powerful workouts that guide you through a power-packed 22-minute practice session, designed to help you unlock your potential. Say goodbye to aimless practicing and wondering what to work on - it's all laid out for you.

Our revolutionary challenge is specifically designed for busy musicians who need an effective and time-saving practice routine. With only four workout days a week, you'll experience rapid progress in your bebop improvisation skills, increased confidence and creativity, and a deeper connection with your instrument.

4 Lessons - Easy

Premium course



Bebop Boot Camp is an unique and immersive program designed to help intermediate and advanced jazz players unlock the art of bebop improvisation. Through a series of interactive lessons, ebooks, and listening, participants will learn essential bebop language techniques and concepts. By the end of the boot camp, musicians will be equipped with the skills and confidence to revolutionize their jazz playing and stand out on stage.

35 Lessons - Intermediate




Wouldn’t be great if there were some cheat codes to improvisation to help us solo confidently, without the fear of sounding bad?

Well, there are…

1 Lessons - Easy