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Have you wondered how the jazz icons we so revere got “that bop sound!?”

Are you tired of not getting “that sound” when you play?
Ever wonder why it hasn’t happened for you yet?
Admit it...
This isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for a proven way to get “that sound?”
When will it all “click!?”
When you watch the video above to the end, you’ll get a peek behind the bebop curtain and know exactly what to do next...

Hi, my name is Kenyon Carter and a couple of years ago I was right there with you...

“This sounds terrible!” I screamed as I threw my iPhone over the balcony of our seventeenth-floor condo.

Well, that’s what I wanted to do…

But I’m frugal, iPhones are expensive and there’s a $500 fine for throwing anything from the balcony.

You see I had been recording my practice sessions on my phone and, as usual, I was not happy with what I heard.

The night before I’d heard lots of guys killing it at the jam session.

Just regular guys – guys like me except they obviously knew something that I didn’t. They we getting that real “bop” sound that I had been seeking for so long.

They were nailing the changes so well that I heard the chords even when they were playing by themselves – with no comping instrument!

To add insult to injury, a lot of these players were way younger than me too!

I was so confused! What had I missed!?

You see, I first started learning about the bebop language in high school when I learned “the bebop scale.”

I practiced that scale (and many, many others) relentlessly hoping that I’d be able to improvise “real” bebop lines like I heard from the masters.

After countless hours of practice, I found myself disappointed. I had learned my scales but my solos still didn’t sound “real” – especially my attempted bebop lines.

I was stumped.

I went on to memorize dozens and dozens of “licks” in all keys in hopes that they would come through in my playing. They rarely did.
In most cases when I played these little nuggets they just sounded contrived and out of place.
How was it possible that I had done my homework and learned all my scales and licks but I still didn’t sound “real?”
It wasn’t until years later, that I finally figured out why...

Bebop is NOT about scales - it’s about chord tones!

This discovery was new to me but known to the jazz masters.

We only have to look at a few solo transcriptions to notice that the masters of this music consistently placed chord tones on down beats.

They weren’t thinking about what scale to play where, or waiting for the perfect place to drop in their favorite lick.

They were thinking about the chords!

So, first I tried concentrating on the chord tones as I used my scales to improvise. That didn’t work at all.

Then I tried using only chord tones, and it was a little better but it still didn’t sound like bebop.

I needed a system if I was ever going to learn this language.

And that’s when I got the idea for “Bebop Boot Camp.”

And guess what? This time it worked!

And that’s when I realized that my confusion wasn’t entirely my fault! It was because my old way of practicing had nothing to do with how the masters thought about music. No wonder I was struggling!
For years, I thought that if I learned all the different kinds of scales and tons of licks, that the sound I was looking for would eventually come through. When I figured out that wasn’t true, I was finally able to break free and get the results that I had been looking for.
The real problem was the way that I learned to play... It was the old way I was practicing.
This outdated paradigm was so ingrained that it was causing me to waste countless hours in the practice room banging my head against the wall.
Once I realized that I could simplify my practice sessions and accomplish more in sixty minutes than I had in sixty days before, my playing started to change. And FAST!

But it wasn’t just me...

Check Out What Others Say About Bebop Boot Camp

"I would recommend Bebop Boot Camp to anyone. It’s a great way to practice and you can be so creative with it!"
Gary A.
"A little over a week into the program and I feel like I’ve been born again. Especially loving this listening! Thanks Kenyon!!!"
Paul C.
""I just started Bebop Boot Camp and I’m totally digging this approach. It’s like the missing link!"
Carl M.
"Bebop Boot Camp was the key that unlocked my inner soloist. I can now speak over the changes instead of playing solos that go nowhere."
Esteban A.
"Just A Word Of Thanks...

These exercises have definitely got me un-stuck from the learning plateau where I’ve dwelt lo these past few years. Worth every penny too!

After eight weeks of paying dues - diligent attention and daily practice – my improvisation has noticeably improved!

I’m not consciously dialing-up the exercise licks, but now myriad note combinations are in my toolbox, like words in a vocabulary. Exploring combinations of useful note sequences in all keys in a focused manner has helped me gain better control of the horn.

Before these lessons I felt frustrated and trapped inside linear scales and blues patterns. I’d tried other approaches but still felt lame when it was my turn to solo. Sure I could rip out a pentatonic scale when needed but it was all ‘inside’ stuff.

Now I feel able to think a melody and play it no matter where I am on the horn! From any given note, I feel confident going north or south in leaps and bounds and saying something too!

I try playing tunes I already know in one key and find it’s a snap to transpose; I swear it wasn’t that easy two months ago. Best of all - what I’m playing is beginning to sound like genuine jazz.

Finally I know how to practice! You helped me find The Path again – Thanks!"
Dave C.

And That’s Why I Created Bebop Boot Camp.

This program took years to create, and cost me thousands of dollars. But it was totally worth it.

It simply makes playing jazz SO much easier!

What took me years to learn, you can master in as little as eight weeks!

But don’t just take my word for it...

Here’s what others are saying:

"Dude, I truly believe that you are sent from God for the struggling saxophonist! Thank you for all of the knowledge that you are blessing us with."
LJ Hudson
"I've been trying to figure out a way into the bebop language for a LONG time now! I'm psyched Kenyon... You obviously put a great deal of thought into this - both creatively and educationally."
Avi J.
"Very well organized, very focused, brief enough to be functional... this shot in the arm is just what I needed."
Gary G.
""I Was Reluctant To Buy The Program But....

From the start of the introduction video, I said to myself “why have I not seen this before!?”

It's the just type of training I've been looking for a long time. I have invested a lot of money in programs, books, and courses but it's like something wasn’t working.

I have taken lessons with great saxophone players (recognized internationally) even took online courses with a prestigious university (Completed a Master Certificate Course in Theory, Harmony and Ear Training) but nothing worked.

I started to think that maybe playing the sax was not for me. But WOW, I have this program now and it is the real deal!

I finally have a method capable of teaching me what I was looking for on how to construct melodic phrases over chord changes. Thanks for sharing this information!

Believe me, this program is worth much more than I paid for it."
Manuel G.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Bebop Boot Camp is designed to take just one hour a day (in 10-minute segments), making it manageable for even the busiest schedules. The program is structured so you can make significant progress without overwhelming yourself.

No, Bebop Boot Camp is designed for musicians of various instruments, as you can see by the testimonials from guitarists, trumpet players, pianists, and saxophonists alike.

Kenyon is a working musician an educator with 20+ years experience helping students find their quickest route to success. Bebop Boot Camp brings Kenyon’s experience, enthusiasm, and passion together to provide a structured system for learning the bebop language. You’ll get comprehensive lessons, videos, and support from a community of like-minded musicians, ensuring your success.

While the program focuses on bebop language, the skills you learn can be applied to all styles of music, enhancing your overall musicianship.

Bebop Boot Camp is designed for musicians who have a basic understanding of their instrument and are looking to improve their bebop playing. However, the program is structured in a way that can accommodate players with various skill levels.

So Remember You Get:

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