Posted On January 25, 2018

Originally Posted on January 25, 2018

Last spring I got the chance to hang out and take a lesson with my friend, the great Bob Franceschini, when he was in town on the Victor Wooten Trio tour.

(Their new album, “Trypnotyx,” is killing! Take a listen when you get a chance.)

As with anytime I get the opportunity to hang with him, he blew my mind and gave me lots of great stuff to work on in the practice room.

One of the things he emphasized was the importance of shedding intervals of all kinds

This morning while shedding fifths I came across this exercise that I both LOVE and HATE…

I LOVE IT because it takes me all the way through the entire range of the horn and makes me address wider intervals. It’s really tough for me to play it cleanly AND musically.

I HATE IT for the very same reasons… 🙂

Do you: 

 A) Love it? 

 B) Hate it?

 C) Both?

Have a great one!


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