Posted On October 6, 2019

Happy October or as we say in Georgia, “Happy Fall Y’all!”

Can you imagine if your band director was a jazzer AND sounded like Michael Brecker?

My junior high band director was a jazz player and had to endure me following him around like a puppy and he didn’t even play saxophone...

I loved hanging out around him so much that I got to school early, hung out after school, and even got in trouble for skipping PE to go watch him teach jazz band back in eighth grade.

If you can’t relate, I’ll bet you know someone who can...

That’s why when I saw my first Carl Cox “Jam of the Week” video, I thought:

“Wow! It’s good thing he wasn’t my band director... He would have never gotten rid of me!”

Carl is a world class saxophonist with a striking sound, authentic vocabulary, and truly impeccable time.

He’s playing gigs all across the US with top name acts all while serving as a band director in Deptford Township, New Jersey.

On top of all that, he’s just released a new original project called “Musical Collusion.”

I know you’re going to love his playing so I decided to transcribe one of Carl’s killer solos to share with you.

This one is on the tune called “Piggarren” and we hear Carl playing all kinds of beautiful altered dominant language on this funky A7alt vamp.


And don’t forget to visit the “Musical Collusion” YouTube channel AND website where you can support these fantastic musicians by picking up your own copy of the project.

Here are the links:


YouTube Channel:

Enjoy the Transcription!
~ Kenyon

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