Posted On October 20, 2019

Wait, hold on… What do you mean goal setting doesn’t work? Haven’t you seen the stacks of books on the power of setting goals?”

Well, yes I have…

And I’ve read most of them.

I love setting goals. I’ve filled notebooks with them over the years. Maybe you can relate?

Thant’s why I was so surprised to hear James Clear, the author of the fantastic New York Times Best Seller, “Atomic Habits” bashing goal setting…

He points out a truth that I had never really considered:

“The winner and loser in any game had the same goal.”

Think about it:
* All athletes want to win the championship
* All applicants want the great job
* All musicians want to reach their “next level”

But we all know that not every player, applicant, or musician gets what they want.

So what’s the difference between those who do and those who don’t reach their goals?

According to “Atomic Habits,” it’s a little thing called a system.

And that makes sense, right?

I wrote some version of “lose weight, play better, etc. ” on my New Year’s Resolutions list for many, many years...

But I didn’t make a habit of going to the the gym or working out effectively. (Apparently many don’t consider eating Cheetos while sitting on a recumbent bike and watching Netflix a “workout.”)

And while I did have a practice habit, I didn’t have a system for getting the most out of my time in the shed.

Author James Clear looks at it like this:
* Goals = Outcomes
* System = Process

As we’ve all experienced, if we set a goal and forget the system, failure is sure to follow. That’s totally why I carried an extra 70 pounds for so many years.

Conversely, if we make a habit of the system and forget our goal, we will still be successful!

So the subject line of the email (“Goal Setting Doesn’t Work?”) needs an edit to be true.

It should read “Goal Setting Alone Doesn’t Work.”

Clear acknowledges that getting what we want in life starts with goals, and the book gives us lots of fantastic strategies and ideas on what to do after the goal’s been set to make it a reality.

So far, I’ve listened to the audio book two and half times and it’s already on my “read every year” list. I thought you’d enjoy it too so I wanted to share.

Have you got any must read suggestions?

Happy Habit Creation,

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