Posted On September 26, 2019

Originally Posted on September 26, 2019

Happy Sunday!

For over a year we’ve been hearing from lots of Bebop Boot Campers:

“I love these etudes! When are you going to publish more?”

Today all of the patiently waiting Campers get an answer - NOW!

But this first one is not like other the jazz etudes you’ve played... It is a “GroovEtude.”

We’ve all played dozens (if not hundreds) of etudes based on the changes to jazz standards before right?

You can tell that I love the bebop language and it’s no secret from the albums I’ve released that I also love soul music and groovy pockets. That’s why I wanted to write a bop etude based on the changes to one of our favorite “non-jazz standards.”

Click the button above to check it out and download a free copy.

Hope you dig our first “GroovEtude!”

Let me know if you’ve got ideas for others,
~ Kenyon

*PS - “Cool etude! But why in the world are you playing EWI!?”

You totally just asked yourself that, right?

You might recall hearing me mention on the Everything Saxophone Podcast how it’s challenging to find time to practice out here on the road.

That’s not 100% true...

There’s plenty of time but there’s not much SPACE to practice.

I am always afraid I am interrupting someone’s vacation with saxophone long tones every time I pick up my horn.

So for much of the first year my practice time/routine took a real hit.

But then I heard from a Camper who was going through Bebop Boot Camp for his second time and was excited to finally go through it on sax.

You see the first time he went through, he was dealing with a physical issue that wouldn’t let him play saxophone but that didn’t stop him. He did the whole program on EWI!

I bought an EWI USB ten years ago with the intention of shedding in headphones late at night but quickly found out that the instrument is not as easy as it looks. I barely touched it after the first month.

With my friend's inspiration (thanks Curt!), I decided to get the EWI out of the closet and make my headphones the shed...

It’s certainly no saxophone but it’s got own benefits and challenges.

It’s been fun getting this ‘new’ instrument under my fingers and I’m even starting to enjoy playing it.

So I thought it would be fun to demo the new etude with this little “Cantina Band Space Flute.”

So in short, yes I’m playing EWI. I am sure my RV neighbors are grateful too!

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